Dr. John Cain

My story has two distinct phases. In the first, I earned a B.A. (Economics, Denison University) and an MBA (University of Michigan). I subsequently spent decades in Corporate America, rising to the level of vice president of marketing for a publicly traded company. I also ran my own business advising firm while simultaneously funding and managing a tech-oriented startup for which I was awarded a United States patent. These experiences honed my business and financial analysis skills. During this phase my family moved across the country twice.

My Next Chapter

The second phase brought more major changes. I transitioned into higher education, supporting traditional-age students and working adults on issues of career selection and life planning. I also went to the University of Oklahoma and received a doctorate degree in adult education. My studies focused on the challenges faced by older adults coping with change, with original research addressing the identity and transformation struggles of women over the age of 50. These experiences enhanced my knowledge of life transitions and helped me hone my research and qualitative analysis skills.

I believe it can be helpful to partner with another person when we are navigating change or wish to understand more about our life story. I founded NextChapters Consulting to offer services unique to older adults in the midst of planning for or experiencing a new phase of life. Whatever path you take, I wish you all the best.

Dr. John Cain

“John is a born consultant. His intuition is deep and his empathy very reassuring. With him, one discovers parts of one’s personality that was unknown and he is there to help us make this journey of discovery.”

Dr. Nathalie P

“I had the great pleasure of working with John over multiple sessions. NextChapters goes FAR beyond want I have experienced or would expect. Not only did he help me clarify what I was looking for in my career, but it was truly a wonderful experience just in general! I always looked forward to our sessions and left feeling inspired. I loved getting to participate in the innovative and effective assessment activities that NextChapters offers. They not only helped me focus on what I love in my career but also helped bring more awareness to other aspects of my life.”

Kerri S

“John’s questions and approach to story analysis really helped me probe deeper into my life. One of the images we discussed became a metaphor for where I was stuck, and one of the stories he evoked helped me clearly understand my current concerns and their implications for the future. The written report he provided was very useful and I still refer to it many months later. John is very easy to work with and I really appreciate the long-term benefits I derived from partnering with him.”

Jana L

“When I consulted with Dr. John Cain at NextChapters, he suggested that I take the Luscher Color Test so that I might gain a deeper understanding of some of the recurrent themes in my life that I might not be aware of. The test was easy to take and in a short period of time, my results were ready. It was as if someone had been reading my mail! The findings were accurate and spot on! With John’s help, we were able to make better sense of my life story by pinpointing some underlying themes. I left with a greater appreciation and understanding of my life and its lessons.”

Dr. David L